An Efficient Smart Factory Management Based on IoT Optimized for Cloud Environments


  • Yoon-Su Jeong
  • Seung-Soo Shin


With the advent of the fourth industry, small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly dealing with manufacturing processes through automation. Especially, starting with Industries 4.0, small and medium-sized companies are turning their manufacturing sites into smart factories. However, most SMBs do not have enough manpower and assets (including investment) to build smart factories. This paper proposes a management technique that can optimize smart factory that can improve manufacturing process that is operating on the manufacturing site (building IoT device in part of the process). The proposed model supports automatic processing of production information through IoT equipment that is built in smart factory environment to efficiently process product information that is generated at smart factory. The proposed model has features that automate the linkage between IoT equipment to each other because all the actions of IoT devices built on smart factory sites are handled by a hierarchical centralized management method. The proposed model used IoT equipment built at smart factory. Performance evaluation of efficiency resulted in 13.3 % improvement from previous models depending on the number of IoT devices. The accuracy of information analysis of IoT devices installed at smart factory was improved by 9.2%. The average processing time of information using IoT devices was reduced by 14.9 % from the previous model. The more expensive it is to reduce manpower by 23.9 % on average compared to previous models.