FEM Analysis of Lattice Structures Using Parametric Modeling


  • Seong-Gyu Cho
  • Joon-Seong Lee


Establishment and focus: There is a great deal of interest in additive manufacturing that is less wasteful of materials and easier to produce complex shapes. Therefore, it is easy to manufacture a light part by filling the inside of the part with a three-dimensional lattice. In this case, we will perform FEM analysis on several lattice structures filling the interior. Apply self-weight and uniform vertical stress to simple cubic lattice, body centered cubic lattice, and modified face centered cubic lattice. FEM analysis is performed to check the stress distribution and deformation amount.
System: The higher the internal filling rate, the more uneven the stress distribution and the smaller the deformation. Simple cubic lattice and centripetal cubic lattice produced different results than expected. In contrast, the modified face-centered cubic lattice resulted the best stress distribution and low deformation. It is easy to generate the lattice structure according to the change of variables through the lattice structure using parametric modeling. In addition, this study may be useful for the optimization of parts consisting of various lattice structures.