Development of 120W LED Lighting Equipment for Broadcasting System Using Natural Cooling System


  • Dong-Yoon Lee


Establishment and focus: LED lighting has significant energy savings compared to conventional lighting such as halogen and fluorescent lamps. And with a long lifetime, maintenance costs are low and failure rates are low. However, LED lighting for broadcast video should be easy to carry while having a higher output than LED lighting devices for general streetlights, advertising or transport equipment. As the output of LED lights increases, heat is generated, which leads to deterioration of LED characteristics and shortened lifespan. Therefore, a separate heat dissipation device is required. Unlike ordinary LED lighting devices for street lights, advertisements or transportation equipment, LED lighting devices for broadcast video cannot be applied with noise radiators.

System: Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to develop a new cooling system without noise and to maximize the functionality of LED elements and control units with heat sources of LED lighting devices for broadcast video. To create a 120W board, six 20W LED boards were arranged in two rows and three columns. In other words, it is possible to select 80W, 200W high-power LED lighting equipment by increasing or decreasing the number of boards by generalizing LED module board size by model. LD module board was decided by considering mass production and SMT production size of chip mounter and considering overall size of product by model.