Improvement of Aspect Ratio with Long Arc Lamp on the Exposure System


  • Sang-hee Won
  • Dea-woo Park


In semiconductor, display, and PCB(Printed Circuit Board) industries, parallel exposure are used for implementing micro-patterns, and the light source is Short Arc Lamp. Because lamps and equipment are so expensive, initial investment and operating costs are high. This paper is a study of optical system that implements fine circuit pattern using Long Arc Lamp with relatively low price, and makes exposure with that optical mirrors to implement and verify micro pattern. The resolution of the pattern is 50? * 50?, which is the resolution of the parallel light exposure for PCB. The optical system of the exposure is designed using the Light Tool, an optical design program. Computer simulation is performed by designing the concept of the optical system to adapt the Long Arc Lamp. The effective survey area shall be 610 ? x 50 ?, and the optical properties shall be designed with a target of 5.32 ?, Uniformity of 90%, Intensity of 10 ?/?2. The type of photo resist used shall be in the Film and Liquid. The photo list used uses a film-type DFR. with a thickness of 10? The resolution of the fine pattern shall be 50? * 50 ? by Line & Space. This resolution is the ability to implement micro-patterns of parallel light-emitting exposure using Short Arc Lamps. In addition, conduct a test of the Liquid Photoresist. Experiment with Line & Space 2? * 2? for resolution. Analyze experimental results to improve performance.