Impact of Demographic and Academic Level on Academic Stress in Senior Secondary Students


  • Durgesh Batra
  • Damyanti Sodha
  • Padam Bhushan


Main motivation behind the said paper is to analyse scholarly worry among students of Senior Secondary school students in India and its relationship with segment & school related variables. The total sum of 477 pupils (46% females & 54% males) of 11th & 12th standards took part in examination. An adjustment of Kohn and Frazer (1986) scholastic pressure balance was utilized for quantifying scholarly worry in the pupils. The assessment found that last grades, examinations and research papers/sporadic tests were among the most basic stressors. Normality of data was tested by applying Wilcoxon and Shapiro Statistical tests and found that parametric test cannot be applied on the data. So, Hypothesis regarding the impact of Gender, Class/Grade, Stream, Caste and Parental Education on Academic Stress in the students was tested through the non-parametric tests like Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskal –Wallis test. The stream shows the gigantic impact on the Academic stress in the understudies however the remaining four variables don't show the colossal impact on the educational stress. The analysis of data was done on SPSS.