Financing Model to Develop Local Commodity Business of East Java in Maqashid Syariah Perspective


  • Ana Toni Roby Candra Yudha
  • Muhamad Nafik Hadi Ryandono
  • Akmalur Rijal
  • Ida Wijayanti


In East Java, Indonesia, local commodities are goods produced by people with added value so as to increase per capita income and economic prosperity. This has become a common conversation both from practitioners, businesspeople, academics, and even government. The existence of local commodities needs to be maintained and continue to be the focus of economic revamping, so it needs a development model of local superior commodities that can run continuously based on the values of justice, balance, and efficiency. This study aims to build a modification model which develop local commodity business in maqashid syariah perspective and produce business indicator that developed by maqashid syariah perspective. This research is expected to contribute a concept and application of scholarship which especially focuses on business development model. The research approach used is qualitative descriptive with explanatory analysis. The object of research is local businessmen from cooperative managers and coffee farmers in Puncu village, Kediri Regency. The financing model to develop the local commodities business of East Java lies not only in developing the material only, but also should place human as the subject and main object to be involved in the business development process. The uniqueness of this paper focuses on commodity business that develops based on the perspective of maqashid shariah is the preservation of worldly and ukhrowi maslahah.