Education and Women Empowerment: An appraisal


  • Jutika Saikia


The society could be developed by imparting education both for males and female. Women should be given free hand to impart education for the fullest development of the personality. There should not be distinction between male and female regarding education, as women are equally responsible with man for bringing social change in society. It is critical to be known about the way that on the off chance that ladies are uneducated, at that point half of the populace will stay uneducated, as lady covers practically 50% of the number of inhabitants in the nation. It is an extremely obvious saying that, if you teach a man, you teach a man specifically but as it might, if you educate a woman, you educate an age.

  Nation can only develop when there will be equal 50% contribution from both men and women and hence, women must be educated equally with men for the purpose of this contribution. Lack of education in women will lead to poor socio economic condition of the nation.