Brand Commitment as Mediator of Brand Love-Customer Citizenship Behavior Relationship in Using Mobile Wallet in Indonesia


  • Halim Dwi Putra
  • Endang Siti Astuti
  • Andriani Kusumawati
  • Yusri Abdillah


This paper goals at examining a customer version of Citizenship behavior (CCB). mainly, the primary purpose of the paper is looking for the effect of brand love, brand commitment impacts consumer citizenship behavior in the use of mobile wallets in Indonesia in 2020 and as a component studies dissertation of the writer's dissertation for doctoral research at Brawijaya university. 460 people as respondents at some point of Indonesia using the machin formula due to the fact the variety of respondents is not identified with certainty. The end result of this research shows that Brand love has a positive effect on Customer Citizenship Behavior, with a path coefficient value of 0.064, but not significant, with a P-Values ??of 0.268> a significance level of 0.05 and Brand Commitment has a positive effect on Customer Citizenship Behavior, with a coefficient value pathway 0.414 and significant, with P-Values ??<0.001 which means <a significance level of 0.05. The locating of the examine delivers new concepts to marketing, in expertise and reasons the important factors that motivate CCB among the use of mobile wallets in Indonesia. Final and most important a thanks to LPDP as a funder / sponsor of this reseach.