Analysis of Stakeholders in the Development of Bono Waves Tourism Destination in Supporting Bekudo Bono Festival in Riau Province


  • Rilla Oktoviami Zef
  • Ari Nurfadilah
  • Ade Triyasa
  • p. Pradono


This paper discusses the stakeholders that exist in the development of tourism infrastructure in the tourist destination Ombak Bono, Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province. The existence of the Bekudo Bono Festival in the Ombak Bono tourist destination, makes Pelalawan Regency have the necessity to develop tourism, especially in the field of infrastructure to be able to give more impact to all parties involved. Changes in government budget policy every period is a problem in the development of tourism infrastructure in the tourist destination Ombak Bono. Respondents are selected persons and categorized in three groups; the first respondent is surfers, whether they have been to a destination or not, and whether they have attended the Bekudo Bono Festival or not. The second category of respondent groups is academics that have expert background in tourism and in particular are activists of research on surfing, and one of the members of the surfing research community. The third group is government officials both Provinces and Regencies who are indeed connected and familiar with the conditions of the Bono Tourism Area itself. Through the stakeholder analysis method, this paper seeks to see the interests and roles of each stakeholder in the ongoing development of Ombak Bono tourist destination infrastructure. The results of this study are the need for continuity in tourism development policies, transparent budget sharing from the central government to the regencies, support from the public and the private sector for the development of tourism in the future.