Literature Review on Sentiment Analysis in Tourism


  • Chingakham Nirma Devi
  • Dr. R. Renuga Devi


Tourism is growing to be a crucial source of income across globe. As a source of socio-economic phenomenon, tourism has evolved into one of the greatest and fastest growing industries of the world. The vital part to collect the data is often appearing as what the people assume. Most users express their views and opinions relating to products and services through social media.These opinions are subjective info that represents user’s sentiments, feelings or appraisal associated with a similar. Nowadays, millions of people travel around the globe for business, vacations, sightseeing, or alternative reasons for their need. Tourists will currently have the opportunity from different data sources, and that create their own content and share their aspects and experiences. Through internet, tourism content shared has an extremely prestigious data that effects tourism.At present, online customer reviews on tourism meant hotels and restaurants which play an important role within the decision making while they were selecting hotels and restaurants destination.