Study of Hybrid Wind-Solar Green Energy System


  • Manik T. Shinde
  • R. Arulmurugan
  • Sachin V. Chaudhari
  • Prashant V. Thokal


In the world worldwide energy demand is uninterruptedly rising owing to fast improvement in modern civilization and it is a heavy burden on non-conventional energy sources. The compactness of Solar- wind-battery is the green source of energy to utilize for a standalone wind energy conversion with PV cells. However, wind-solar are intermittent by nature so to maintain continuity of electrical power it is required an appropriate storage technology used as a backup. The generation of electrical power by wind and photovoltaic should exceed its optimistic capacity for the maximum energy generation. Wind and solar are to be considered very clean energy sources for sustainable future growth. As the days passing, the study of photovoltaic cells and wind energy with its modern control technology is to be adopted. Now in India it is the time to generate electricity decentralized manner and forming small micro grids. The distributed hybrid generation needs to be installed with an interconnection for automated distribution.