Marathi Handwritten Words Recognition using Deep Learning


  • Prashant S. Sadaphule
  • Aadil Shaikh
  • Mrunali Waghmare
  • Rahul Soni
  • Rutuja Sonawane


Numerous analysts are working to change the technique for perusing, comprehension and understanding of composed word. Word acknowledgment is significant territory of Document Analysis and Recognition. Profound learning is a significant subject in design acknowledgment and in AI. It can possibly resolve confounded AI issues. The accessibility of instruments that aides in design acknowledgment gives an amazing opportunity to cutting edge application. Convolution neural systems utilizes information driven learning and extraction of various leveled highlights from preparing Convolution layers in CNN. This framework introduces the AI calculation for Handwritten words acknowledgment. This framework will give the end clients to change over the written by hand message into advanced organization. CNN will in general work better with crude info pixels. The frameworks acknowledge the entire sweep pictures as a crude info and will do additionally process giving a necessary yield.