The Living Quran Approach in Building the Character of Islamic Children at Al-Muhsin Islamic Boarding School Of Yogyakarta


  • Supriadi ‎
  • Akrom Anas
  • Hafidz Fadhilla Yusuf
  • Dheni Chaerawan
  • Muhammad Roy Purwanto


This article examined the Living Quran approach in the study of the Quran. It is a scientific study of various social events related to the presence of the Quran in certain Muslim communities. Furthermore, It can also be interpreted as "the text of the Quran that 'lives' in society." This approach seeks to determine the implementation of the Quran in life, and eventually makes the implementation  to become a tradition. Also, the Living Quran approach focuses on building the character of Islamic children at Al-Muhsin Islamic Boarding School. The methods used in this study are observation, interviews, and documentation. It was concluded that the Living Quran approach can build the character of School children.  Some living Quran activities carried out at the School are tadarus, Khataman, Tahfidzul Quran, Tahsinul Quran, and recitation of the Quran.