Object Caching Scheme to Render Reduction of Latency for Webpages


  • Satti Sairam Reddy
  • P. Malathi


Web pages are related to web services and stand as important research topic in today's world. The number of critical objects in the web pages along with latency reduction is also one of the parameters in case of web services. Our work is focused towards identifying these objects that are said to be critical and also store them in cache to decrease the time spent in rendering. The parameters are studied in the CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider side and also only limited objects are stored in cache to retrieve faster. The optimization problem said to be one-shot can be proved to NP-hard. Our proposed work continues to develop greedy algorithm with effective computation time. Simulation results show that our system reduces the latency of the system as well as traffic produced by the network which in turn increases the hit ratio of the cache. This means the miss ratio of the cache is obviously higher in the proposed system.