Improvement on the Design of Overhead Stowage Bin for Commercial Aircraft


  • Nurhayati Mohd Nur
  • Nur Syamim Syuhada Binti Amdan
  • Nur Nabilah Mohd Yusof


The sudden and unexpected movement in flight can cause the item stored inside the overhead (OH) stowage bin shifted and falls into the passengers and flight crews. This incident may cause discomfort and severe injuries to them.In this study, a set of survey questionnaires has been distributed to the passengers and flight crew to identifythis issue. The existing design of the overhead stowage bin has been evaluated and a new design with safety features has been proposed based on the results obtained from the survey and design analysis. The safety featureis designed to fill the gap between stowage and the door to hold the stored items in a fix position whenever the flight encounters an unexpected movement. Three design has been proposed (Design 1 (D1), Design 2 (D2) and Design 3 (D3)) and based on the finite element analysis, D3 was found the most durable structure and able to withstand the high force applied withoutbending. Thus, it is recommended to used D3 to improve the design of the OH stowage bin to prevent injuries caused by falling objects during unexpected movement in flight.