Automated Shipment Sorter


  • Haneen Bawayan
  • Juahir Albakri
  • Maha Nour
  • Maryam Tora
  • Mohammed Shehata


Automated sorting system could be used in manufacturing, transportations, mail services and port applications. The importance of efficient sorting is the high speed, security, tracking, signature, and committed delivery times. Thus in this work, an automated system was created for shipping to speed up the process of sorting in efficient technique. The methodology behind this project is to create a main conveyor for all the containers to locate on. Each container is labeled with a barcode to contain the necessary information to be sorted in exact destination. The sorting is done using a robotic arm that holds each container from the main conveyor and place it on the correct conveyor to reach its final target. To test the complete system, a labeled container with barcode will be placed on the main conveyor. Then, it will take the responsibility to deliver the container to the other end.

 Keywords: Automated; robotic; conveyor; sorting; system