An Interactive Math Curriculum for Autistic Children


  • Ala’a Mohammed El-Dada
  • Safia Abdul-Rahman Kahen
  • Azza Abu Zeid
  • Houria Oudghiri


In fact, there is no exact treatment that can cure from autism; however a strategic educational plan may play a significance role in the development of the social, communicational, and educational skills of people with autism. Through investigation and observation, it was noticed the fact of having no curriculum especially designed for autistic children Autism is a mental, emotional, and behavioral disorder that appears on early childhood. This work was designed for the purpose of grabbing the attention to a group of people who can hardly be part of the social life not because they refuse it, but it is due to a type of disorder called the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In fact, the idea of the project went toward the development of an interactive educational curriculum that helps children with autism develop their functional academic skills in the mathematics subject.

 Keywords: Autism; maths; children; asd