Impact of Employer Branding in Attracting Young Talent from Top B schools of India: An Empirical study


  • Dr. Supriya Jain
  • Mrs. Manisha Goswami


Campus recruiting is deliberately significant for pulling in ability in a serious market. This paper builds up an intervening model to investigate the job boss brand picture and informal communities play right now process. Investigation of information from 124 understudies of chief business colleges in India recommends that the connection between media nearness/exposure and application goals is interceded by boss brand picture. Specifically, exposure/media nearness is fundamentally and emphatically identified with application aims through the two components of business brand picture (saw work characteristics and perspectives). Moreover, verbal supports intervene the connection among exposure and manager brand. To pull in the best ability, associations should progress in the direction of expanding their perceivability in the media as it helps construct the business brand picture because of the impact of informal communities. The present study is empirical in nature in which the primary data was collected through survey methodology. Survey data was collected from a sample of 237respondents in which the young talent of top B schools are considered.