Remodeling 3-Pin Plug Design to Improve Product Sustainability


  • Asif Abdul Rehman
  • Mahmood Bataee
  • Osama Hussain
  • Kumaresan a/l magaswaran


3-pin plugs are devices that connect electricity to devices and imply safety of humans and electrical appliances. A 3-pin plug consists of three pins (hence the name). Each pin must be correctly connected to the three wires in the electrical cable. Each wire has its own specified color so as it can be easily identified. Plastic wastage is one of the major problems now a days. Properties of plastic is the main reason why it is used so frequently, it is light weight, versatile, flexible, moisture resistant, strong and relatively inexpensive. A normal plastic product like bottles, straws which is one time use it takes about 450 years to biodegradable. The main objective of this paper is to reduce the plastic content of the plug, which is useless, because sooner or later the world must unite to fight against plastic problem. If there a way to make a plug with less plastic content than there is no need to put extra plastic. As a result, it also takes less space which also reduce the transportation cost and the overall cost of the plug will also decrease. Solid works (3d simulation software) has been used to make the 3d model of the design, the idea is to make the design on it and then go for the prototype and then do the testing. The result shows some amount of success, but the problem is the design is to complex which is difficult to make with the 3D printer and plastic.