Remote Real-Time Monitoring System for Out-Of-Hospital Patients


  • Tshepo Eugene Tlhaloganyang
  • Sathish Kumar Selvaperumal
  • Ravi Lakshmanan


This paper proposes the design for remote real time monitoring for out of hospital patients using simple and interactive design system developed using LabVIEW software and Arduino controller, which is used to acquire data from the sensor is used to monitor the vital conditions of the body of the patients. The system proposed is designed to meet the needs of senior citizens who are mostly the number 1 target when it comes to high risk disease which can affect outpatient elderly people suffering from conditions like cardiac arrest and other related heart diseases. The system proposed and implemented measures 5 vital parameters relating to common diseases suffered by out of hospital patients. In this system Electrocardiography (ECG), Skin Sweat Conductance Response (SCR), Skin temperature and Respiration derived from Electrocardiography (ECG). Analysis of the system is done by performing two tests, using simulated recorded data and live volunteer subjects not entirely suffering from any particular diseases.  Simulation test is done using recorded data from Medical PhysioBank for patients suffering from different kind of heart diseases such as atrial block, Tachycardia and Bradycardia conditions while the other test is performed using volunteer subjects to show the feasibility of the system and achievable results when using live subjects. The system implemented was able to detect up to 87-92% accuracy of the QRS for the ECG, with sensitivity of 76%, for the derived respiration algorithm used and 96.1% accuracy to thermometer measured skin temperature using the system. The real-time monitoring for system achieved using Web publisher provides robust accessibility to the monitored system using internet access from any location with link to the client server.