Six Sigma: Literature Review and Methodologies to Improve Implementation


  • Dr. Shriniwas S. Metan
  • Rohit. N. Patil
  • Abhishek R. Kshirsagar
  • Dr. Vinayak K Patki


There were plethora of research done and journal papers published in relate to Six Sigma. Ironically, there are few research and papers were published on reviewing the literature on Six Sigma in all the sectors like Engineering, Healthcare, IT Industry, education etc. Six Sigma is not only about the statistics but also it is a process of defect reduction, improvement and customer satisfaction. The goal of this study is to look at prosperity of improving methodologies and deepen the knowledge of various research and coclude the process Six Sigma. In this paper, a survey of Six Sigma literatures is presented through various research papers to illustrate the broad scope of the application of Six Sigma. Lean Six sigma can also be implemented in the financial services and the with significant results and improvements which was shown with the help of case study.