Mechanical Properties of Structural Light Weight Concrete (SLWC) and Economical Perspective of using SLWC in Construction


  • Ramshankar P
  • Binu Sukumar
  • Joyson Silva P
  • Dhilip Kumar R G


Concrete is one of the most researched topics in the field of civil engineering. In this study, light expanded clay aggregates (LECA) is used for producing structural lightweight concrete (SLWC) and silica fume is added for improving the strength. Expanded clay aggregates highly helps in reducing the self-weight and cost of production of structural lightweight aggregate concrete. In this research, investigation is done by using expanded clay aggregate in concrete by replacing conventional natural aggregate up to 20% by volume along with the micro silica to produce a structural lightweight concrete. This study examines the structural behavior of the concrete using LECA and also use of LECA highly helps in reducing the density of concrete in the order of 1398 kg/m3 to 1550 kg/m3. The experimental results shows that concrete produced with 80% LECA and 20% natural aggregate with silica fume as mineral admixture increases the strength and make the concrete more workable and durable. An analysis is also has been made for the study of Deflection and Rebar Percentage of SLWC (from the results the best proportion of replacement was taken) and normal weight concrete (NWC) using ETABS software.