Impact of Actual usage of Smart Government on the Net Benefits (Knowledge Acquisition, Communication Quality, Competence, Productivity, Decision Quality)


  • Khalifah Alfalasi
  • Ali Ameen
  • Osama Isaac
  • Gamal S. A. Khalifa
  • Divya Midhunchakkaravarthy


In the quest to improve performance, attention has been directed at new technologies through creativity and innovation (Khandwalla& Mehta, 2004). It must be emphasized that the dire need for better public services has led to several quality frameworks in various global regions. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is the focus of this paper, where an innovative approach is applied to assess the impact of smart government services usage on specific net benefits. The data was collected from 355 employees of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM) via SmartPLS 3.0. The results proved that there is a significant impact of smart government usage on net benefits in terms of knowledge acquisition, communication, competence, productivity, and decision quality. The proposed model explained 47% of the variance in knowledge acquisition as the highest and 18% of the variance in competence as the lowest.