An NLP-Based Approach to Explore Factors Affecting Intention to Use various E-Services

  • Arghya Ray
  • Pradip Kumar Bala
  • Ananya Ray


This investigation endeavors to clear a way for future analysts to investigate various methods so as to increase further experiences from 'data rich' printed information accessible through online client surveys. This investigation has attempted to investigate the various qualities from the utilization esteem hypothesis position which are regarded significant in various settings by examining client surveys from three diverse e-specialist organizations, to be specific, Zomato (online nourishment conveyance), MakeMyTrip (online travel office) and Coursera (internet learning stage). Aftereffects of this examination show that various qualities are significant in various settings: e-Learning (epistemic and utilitarian), OFD (contingent and epistemic), OTAs (useful and passionate). This investigation finishes up with different ramifications and degree for future research..