Impact of Smart Government Usage and Smart Government Effectiveness on Employee Happiness


  • Rashed Alshamsi
  • Ali Ameen
  • Osama Isaac
  • Ahmed Al-Shibami
  • Amiy Bhumik


Data and correspondence innovation (ICT) today assume a significant job in all parts of our life. The e-Governments or Smart Governments are an amplified portrayal of this job on the national level. For a long time this job is getting increasingly obvious and progressively successful. The primary goal of the present investigation is to look at the effect of keen government utilization and savvy government adequacy on the representative bliss in the UAE. Information gathered utilizing poll and last example utilized for investigation was 397. This examination utilized Structural Equation Modeling-Variance Based (SEM-VB) by means of SMART PLS 3.0 programming was used to decide the significance levels of affiliations and connections between the elements tried. Consequences of the present examination uncovered that keen government use and viability have critical direct positive effect on the representative bliss with regards to open part in the UAE. The proposed model prove by the decency of attack of the model to the information, brilliant government utilization and keen government viability clarified 55.2 % of the change in work execution. The after-effects of the present examination may give further bits of knowledge into worker bliss.