Requirements for Central Repository: Flood Management Malaysia


  • Mohd Ismawira Mohd Ismail
  • Mohammad Nazir Ahmad
  • Nor Hidayati Zakaria
  • Razatulshima Ghazali


Flood Management (FM) is a combined effort used to tackle flooding. In Malaysia, it involves multiple government agencies, NGOs and individuals who respond to flood related incidents. Knowledge sharing activities need to be governed and disaster-related knowledge shared among the major players must be systematically managed, especially in this digitized society. The crucial mechanisms to enable knowledge sharing among these players are still loosely defined. From a knowledge management process perspective, mainly on the knowledge storage process, we find it important to propose a Central Repository (CR) for supporting disaster management interoperability. Designing this CR is important. Unfortunately, no clear requirements for its design have been reported in any available literature to date. Therefore, this paper attempts to establish key requirements for a CR for FM. The CR can also be used to facilitate and store les-sons learned from previous flood events, to be used in any future events as reference. Currently, FM in Malaysia has limited availability of information as data is scarce.