Analysis and Control of Temperature Process Dynamics during Biomass Gasification Process in Downdraft Gasifier


  • P.Vijay Daniel
  • A. Sanjeevi Gandhi
  • R Suresh
  • D Abraham Chandy


Improved energy care and weakening climate change are the primary reasons for converting the energy system to renewable sources from standard sources. In this shift to a low fossil fuel economy, biomass has to play a important role. It is essential to analyse and comprehend the gasifier temperature dynamic behaviour to guarantee maximum producer gas effectiveness during the gasification phase. This article introduces the creation with airflow of a dynamic model for the downdraft method of biomass gasification. In order to find the dynamic model, experiments are carried out by providing various step changes in the different regions during the biomass gasification process. Increasing the airflow velocity to 50 Lpm, 100 Lpm and 150 Lpm the step changes were applied on the gasification process. Based on the experimental results three different transfer function models has been developed. The developed models were validated by comparing with the actual system response. The PID controller was intended for the dynamic model and the outcomes are contrasted with the downdraft biomass gasifier manual control.