A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm for Constructive Analysis of Cricket Data


  • Sadiq Ali
  • Rama. A
  • N. Deepa


Today from the youth to older peoples all are watching sports. Under the sports their different classification. But in India and most other countries all are concentrate in watching cricket. It is worldwide game played by different countries in various categories. Matches can be conducted as test match, T20, world cup etc. For each match the players can be selected based upon the past performance and the strike rating. The team is arranged by the captain he selects the 6 batsman and 5 bowlers. The size of the team is 11. The batsman can need to take maximum number of runs and the bowlers need to take maximum number of wickets and give minimum number of runs per over. This paper proposes the prediction of the wining team and prediction of the score of the batsman in both teams. This prediction can be made through the performance of the batsman in previous match and the performance of the bowler in previous match. Based upon the data analysis using SVM and random forest algorithm in machine learning technique the result can be determined.