Online Medical Store


  • Udith Rao
  • P. T. Rajan
  • K. Logu


The technology is developed to large extent. The increased the technology made the things more simple and effective. In the field of the medical the maximum of number of disease is get cured by the technology. It can introduce different equipments for the surgery and the diagonisation tools. Before some years cancer is the uncurable disease but now with improvement in the technology different techniques has been introduced. In this paper they show the finding the medical store in the online site. For this web server has been developed inside the medical store user can log in to the web server and enter the medicine that are available in his store. The store location has been mentioned at the time of the log in. When the patient who needs medicine for the disease he did not want to manually searched to each medical store and ask for the medicine. If we find the medicine available in the store we can order it from our house or hospital. They can deliver the medicine at our place. This system can save most of the people’s life. This system is being appreciated by all of them.