An Automatic Method to Prevent Cybercrime Incidents using Artificial Intelligence Approach


  • M. Hemanth Reddy
  • A. Gayathri
  • N. Deepa


As hackers get smarter and more determined, artificial intelligence is going to be an important part of the solution. As corporations struggle to fight off hackers and contain data breaches, some are looking to artificial intelligence for a solution. They’re using machine learning to sort through millions of malware files, searching for common characteristics that will help them identify new attacks. They’re analyzing people’s voices, fingerprints and typing styles to make sure that only authorized users get into their systems. And they’re hunting for clues to figure out who launched cyber-attacks and make sure they can’t do it again. Presenting successful and profoundly progressed digital guard frameworks has gotten basic. Starting today, with the innovation, the globe is moving towards the man-made brainpower (AI). Computer based intelligence assumes a significant job in innovation and has been engaged with numerous mechanical angles also. Making digital safeguard frameworks, utilizing astute operators has become a pattern by today. Fundamentally, a canny operator is a product segment which can be developed in a situation, take choices, and has the capacity of seeing and speaking to. The reason for this investigation is to present a modern digital wrongdoing resistance framework which includes wise specialists that depend on man-made reasoning.