Integrated Landscape-Ecological Evaluation of Recreational Zones of Nur-Sultan


  • Sarsekova D.N.
  • Perzadayeva A.A.,
  • Obezinskaya E.V.
  • Abzhanov T.S.
  • Esmurzayeva A.K.


A comprehensive landscape-ecological assessment of the recreational areas of the city of Nur-Sultan has been carried out: squares “Kerey and Zhanibek Khandary”, “Islamic Cultural Center”, “Chess Players”. The landscape-ecological assessment of the trees and shrubs of the square “Kerey and Zhanibek Khandary” has showed that 653 trees and shrubs grow in the square. The assortment is represented by 28 breeds. The proportion of hardwoods is 75%, conifers - 25%. The area of ??flower beds is 186.5 sq.m., the area of ??lawns is 13466 sq.m. 2446 trees and shrubs growin the square “Islamic Cultural Center”. The assortment is represented by 29 breeds. The share of deciduous trees and shrubs is 93.2%, conifers - 6.8%. The area of ??lawns is 397728 sq.m., the area of ??flower beds is 385 sq.m. 295 trees and shrubsgrow in the square "Chess Players". The assortment of green spaces is represented by 19 species. The share of hardwoods is 65.7%, conifers - 34.2%. The area of ??lawns is 2749 square meters, flower beds - 49 square meters, the length of hedges is 75.5 linear meters. According to the inventory, electronic maps of green spaces in the ArcGIS Desktop program have been compiled. Instrumental measurements of atmospheric air has showed excesses of maximum occasional permissible concentration for settlementsof formaldehyde in the squares “Kerey and Zhanibek Khandary”, “Islamic Cultural Center”. The agrochemical characteristics of squares urbanozem indicate a low supply of soils with nitrogen, phosphorus and a high supply of potassium.

 Keywords: square, landscape, soil, flowerbeds, ecological assessment