Two Dimensional SRGMs for Debugging in Software Systems

Two Dimensional SRGMs for Debugging in Software Systems


  • M. Jahir Pasha
  • K. K. Baseer
  • T. Satyendra Kumar


A prompt increase in the software industry has led to a great concern over its reliability. Major industries like health, transportation, banking, research etc. are based on large and complex software systems. This process has led to the development of many SRGMs by various researchers across the globe. They have been established in terms of uniform and non-uniform implementation purposes. Among these, some are flexible and remaining is not flexible. As there are different models to capture various situations, it gets difficult for the practitioners to pick and choose. To tackle this problem of late, few researchers have tried to implement a unique methodology to estimate various growth curves to choose the suitable model.
In this technique, we discuss the detail framework of random lag and hazard rate approach for SRGMs based on time and testing effort. We show a mathematical equivalence of the general solution for SRGMs which are dependent on testing effort by random lag approach and hazard rate approach.
Keywords: SRGM, TEF, Hazard rate approach