The Strategy of Onion Cracker Agroindustry Development in Bandar Lampung City


  • Tubagus Hasanuddin
  • Nurul Fajri Indah Lestari


This purpose of this research are 1) to analyze strategy onion cracker agroindustry development, and 2) the level of consumer satisfaction and loyality of onion cracker agroindustry, 3) to analyzed internal and exsternal factor of onion cracker agroindustry . The research was conducted from February – May 2018.  This research used to case study and the samples are stakeholders from agroindustry, government, employees, and consumers of onion crackers. The sample of consumers used snowballing method and onion cracker agroindustry are purposive.  The method of data analyzes used descriptive analysis by using analysis Customer Satisfactin Index (CSI), SWOT analysis and Quantitive Strategic Planing Matrix Analysis (QSPM).  The results showed that (1) the strategy of onion agroindustry development are strength and opportunities strategy, 2) consumers of onion crackers angroindustry are satisfied and loyalityconsumer, (3) the main strength of onion cracker agroindustry development are to increase production capacity and the main weakness are lack of promotion activities, (4) the main opportunities of onion cracker agroindustry are the needs product and interests of consumers were high, and 5)  the main threat of onion cracker agroindustry are less capital and minimum supported the government.