An Effect of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction – A Study Compares Public Sector and New Generation Banks


  • G. Rajesh


This paper completely investigates the connection between factors responsible for its improvement and consumers’ satisfaction in both the Public and New generation banks. Technology as well as the service quality offered by the Banks now a day’s grab more expectations from the customers.Tangibility, Individual, Technological quality, Reliability and Proficiency are the factors that influence the service quality offered by the Banks that are measured by the consumerswhile doing transactions with any Bank and these factors may have great impact on Customer Satisfaction.A total of 172 respondents from Public sector and New generation Banks were selected for the study.  Respondents having used the services from their respective banks for more than 3 years were included in the study.  This is descriptive type of study.  Questionnaire is adopted as the study instrument. Independent samples t-test is used to compare the service quality dimensions and Customer satisfaction with regard to banking sectors.   Multiple regression analysis is used to find the impact of service quality dimensions over Customer satisfaction.  For the purpose of analyzing the data SPSS v23. is used. From the results it is observed that the customers’ perception towards Individual factor, Technological quality and Proficiency in New generation banks is better than the Public sector banks.  However Reliability plays key role in Public sector banks. Customer satisfaction is higher in New generation banks than Public sector banks.  Tangibility, Technological quality and Reliability have positive and significant effect on Customer satisfaction.  Proficiency followed by Technological quality predicted the Customer satisfaction in New Generation Banks more.