Performance of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in Tamil Nadu (With special reference to Coimbatore District)


  • R. Leelavathi
  • V. Senthil Kumar


In recent years in both developed and developing countries for MSME is most significant contribution in gratifying various economic developments.  The major aim of MSME higher growth of employment, increase the output and promotion of exports and fostering entrepreneurship.   It is a major role in the industrial development of any country.  In Indian economy MSME sector in very important pillar of Economic Development.MSME sector which can help realize the target of increased the National Manufacturing policy of raising the share of manufacturing sector as well as services sector in GDP from 10 % at present to 14% by the end of 2016.  The present paper is attempted to focus the present status of performance of MSMSEs in Tamil Nadu and future prospects.  It is concluded that this sector contributes significantly to manufacturing output, Employment opportunities and increase the export of the country.