The Congruence between Individual and Organisation Values in the Management Practices of the Banking Organisations in Russia and the UK


  • Fiapshev A. B.
  • Fiapsheva A. A.


Quite a number of scholars register the increased activity in examining the issue of individual and organisational value congruence to better predict attitudes and behaviours of employees in the workplace. The present research continues this trend by investigating major issues pertaining to the domain of value congruence, which is reflected in the notion of ‘person-organisation value fit’ (P-O fit).This research also looks at its  impact on employees’ work attitudes such as job satisfaction, organisational commitment and turnover intention in the banking sector organisations of the UK and Russia. One significant aspect that differentiates the present study from previous research is the use of the Organisational Culture Profile Technique for cross-cultural research to reveal the level of the misfit between employees’ personal values and those of the organisation. The results signify that  person-organisation fit strongly and positively related to job satisfaction and organisational commitment, and- negatively related to the employee’s intentions to leave the organisation, in both samples. Other findings show a high predictive capacity of P-O fit over individual-level outcomes in the UK sample and somewhat less strong in the Russian sample.