Developing a Web Application to Ensure the Authenticated Election Process using Block Chain Security


  • Dr. Baseera
  • Lavish Garg
  • Dr. Manikandan Kalimuthu
  • Siddharth Verma


Developing a web based application to ensure that the voting process takes place without any type of  type of malpractice and also safety to the employees who are involved in this challenging task. As we know the India’s population 1,368,737,513 [14].  in the 2019 and in order to maintain the county and its  resources  in  the  appropriate  way  the  Indian   constitution  has  the   election  system.   India  is  under democratic system which is the rule of the people, for the people and by the people.[12]. Hence there is a election commission which organizes the election process by which people select their representatives in the  state  level  and  nation  level  as  well.  Earlier  people  used  to  vote  by  ballot  paper  but  now  a  days Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) are available for voting purpose[12].  This EVM  system creates lot of discrepancy  by  which  it  leads  to  variety  of  the  disputes  by  the  opposition  and  also  by  the  people sometimes due  to the  machines technical issues and sometimes software related issues of  the machines. This  is  the  very  big  drawback  which  was  raised  during  2019  election  period.  In  this  article  we  have developed the web based application using the block chain which is highly safe and secure to hack or  to do  any  type  of  malpractice  by  which  ensuring  that  the  election  process  can  happen  in  an  authorised method also that leads to the less expensive.   World’s second highest expenses   occurred in India 2019 – election Process [11].    By implementing the model of block chain for voting purpose can save the huge volume   of   expenses   which   occurs   for   the   election   process.