Challenges in Tourism Entrepreneurship – A Thematic Analysis


  • Jisha Rajendran
  • Kavita Indapurkar


Tourism industry in India has vast scope in generating employment and can be used as a preferred sector in the process of economic development of a nation thriving on 1.2 billion people. Employment in this sector can be generated at multiple levels, to both skilled and unskilled workers. Additionally, it can incorporate high involvement of rural population and women, paving way for possible inclusive growth in the future. Under this pretext, there is a need to boost entrepreneurship in tourism industry in India. The philosophies of entrepreneurship can help lower unemployment rate, especially among the educated youth. Concepts of experiential tourism can be integrated with cultural tourism, religious tourism and textile tourism not only to attract domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. Entrepreneurs can be motivated to start their ventures in this area. The present paper makes an attempt to understand the issues faced by small-time current entrepreneurs of the tourism industry and assess the role of digital and theatre intervention in this regard. For the purpose, extensive interviews were conducted among fifteen entrepreneurs of Kathputli colony and their responses were analysed qualitatively, using thematic analysis. The preliminary results indicated that managing workload during peak season is one of the biggest challenges faced by these entrepreneurs. To curb these issues, entrepreneur resort to outsourcing their work to other artists and have worked on developing websites and other social media pages to facilitate pre-booking their services, thus benefitting the buyers and sellers alike.