Solar Photovoltaic Thermal System Heat Transfer Analysis


  • P. Siva Murugan
  • B. Sri Manickam
  • E. Murali


Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) /Hybrid collectors are an integration of Photovoltaic (PV) as well as solar thermal (ST) collectors. This propitious technology is integrated by generating heat together with electricity simultaneously. This technology elevates the overall system efficiency and diminishes the price of solar electricity. The outcome of those electricity and heat generations recommends that this technology could be pertinent for utilization in buildings, specifically at the time of limited installation area. To retain the operational efficacy of the PV system, heat must be eliminated from its surface, thereby leading to the emergence of PVT. Recently, thermal energy (TE) storage scheme attracted increasing attention connected to thermal applications like space, waste-heat usage, water heating, air-conditioning, and cooling, etc,. Here, a comparative study betwixt solar devices is proffered. Such devices encompass: i) PVT System, ii) Hybridized PVT collectors, iii) PVT air collectors, together with iv) PVT water collectors. The PVT-heat transfer (HT) methodologies associated recent papers are also examined. The central purpose of this research is to elevate HT rate of the PV cell (PVC) to attain higher electrical efficiency (Eeff). Finally, the top-notch methodologies comprising HT are contrasted by considering temperature as a parameter.