The Search and Rescue Robots in Disaster Management: A Survey


  • Priyanka Menon A S
  • K R Joy


Research on Search and Rescue Robots (SAR) is challenging yet promising research area which has significant application potential. The use of robotic assets in search and rescue operations will provide a very accurate and fast response in finding the victims in a disaster zone. Disasters occur without any warning that affects human life and property. Rescue robots can be employed in such area as the rescue robots have different capabilities like searching, removing rubbles, delivery of supplies, medical treatment, and evacuation of victims. The role of SAR robot cannot be under estimated in a disaster zone. The contributions of the different types of the robots such as rovers, humanoid robots, biped robots, and soft rescue robots, wheeled and tracked robot are ever increasing in rescue operations. Different technologies in robotics can be used in different disaster conditions. This paper presents a review of different types of rescue robots, their technologies, the platforms used in their design and construction, their mode of operations and their application areas. Deployment of appropriate types of rescue robots in disaster hit areas can reduce the loss and damages to human life and properties significantly.