Pattern of Traffic Movement Changes due to Land use Alteration


  • Aldes Sam Bera
  • Amsori Muhammad Das


Any development and operation alteration of an area that will directly or indirectly affects the operation of road traffic should be screened for traffic impacts. Traffic congestion is one of the major problems faced by road users that has access to Parameswara road in Palembang. The phenomenon of road alteration along the Parameswara road needs to be identified to analyse overall road performance and to predict the actual picture or simulation model of effects. The dynamics of land use and performance of road movement patterns are predicted as potential factors of congestion. Therefore, the purpose of this study are to analyze the delay and length of vehicle queues due to land use activities on Parameswara road as well as to recommend efficient strategy in reducing the delay time and vehicle queue length, thus, increasinge the road performance. Hence, this research incorporates Vissim 8.00 microsimulation program to simulate existing or current conditions, and predicts road conditions for the next 5 (five) years and 3 (three) by endorsing alternative solutions for traffic congestion.