Aquarium Monitoring System


  • Anitha Patil
  • Sudhakar Reddy
  • Sreerajavenkatareddy Velagala
  • Narendra Kumar Verma


Aquarium Monitoring System is new generation innovative project based on Arduino. This Aquarium is fully automated and works on the input supplied to the system through ours Smartphone or Laptop. This project is help to those people who are handicapped as well as normal human beings. The utilization of this checking framework the clients can screen and keep up their aquarium consistently. This Aquarium Monitoring System is deals with Arduino and Sensors. The job of this framework is to empower the clients to screen the Aquarium, for example, sustaining the fishes on schedule, maintain their water level and changing water on time, cleaning all glasses and inside base of the aquarium which are covered with small stones. In order to continuously check all these above working status. In this project we are using databases to store all the status information record. The Arduino is the central part of the project to get all the data from the sensors which are using in this project and sent to the databases to update the status. This monitoring system is operating by using of Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet.