HR Analytics Competencies and Business Outcomes – The Mediating Effects of Motivation


  • Gayathri R


HR analytics has gained immense popularity among the consultants and practitioners in the field of HR management. However, it has not been subjected to scrutiny by academic researchers. The present study, therefore, investigates the role played by HR analytic competencies in improving Business outcomes and how this relationship is mediated by employee motivation. A descriptive design was adopted and data was collected from HR employees from Bangalore, who adopt analytics for various HR processes. The results showed that motivation partially mediated the effects of HR analytic competencies on Business outcomes. The analytical skills of employees which involves understanding, analyzing and interpreting data has a significant impact on the business outcomes of the organization in terms of improved decision-making and return on investment achieved. Further, motivating employees at work to generate and experiment with new ideas; to customize new ways to deliver products and services by analyzing data; to adopt and use creative analytics in any process; and to find satisfaction at work can further enhance the effectiveness of analytical skills on business outcomes. Based on these results, the study emphasizes the need for developing analytical skills among HR employees and motivating them to increase business outcomes.