Role of Management Education in Developing Basic Values and Skills among Professionals – A Review


  • Alex P. Joseph
  • Verghese Abraham
  • Manjunath S.


Human values are at the core of most of the human behavior and actions. They are produced due to the socio-cultural and individual experiences and they signify the psychological structures that result in different human behavior. The concern towards creating a better world makes researchers think about evaluating the role of education in inculcating and retaining basic human values to save the human race. Education has a significant role in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective development of children. The main focus of education is to develop human potential and personality among children. Along this line, this paper reviews the existing literature on the role of education in developing basic human values among students and professionals. A special focus was placed on management education since they provide learning of job-related behaviors that can enhance work performance. Implications were also provided for education practitioners based on results of the review.