Power Loss Distribution to the Generators in Restructuring Power System using Loss Balancing Factor


  • I Luke John Baktha Singh
  • B. V. Prasanth
  • V. Ganesh
  • V. Suresh


Regulated power system is one in which electrical power flow from generation to transmission and to distribution. With this some of consumers has to pay much compared with others and some cases the consumer may not get the power from the generator. As rules and regulations are involved in the regulated power system, and in order to provide the healthy competition among the generating companies, deregulated power systems are introduced. In such system, the customer may get the power from generating stations directly or any other sources provided by the private provider. As many sources involved in the deregulated power system, the losses are increased and the generators are not generating the power based on their cost characteristics. In this paper, by introducing the Loss Balancing Factor (LBF) the losses are assigned to the generators and constrained load flow is also presented for the deregulated power system. The total analysis is tested on IEEE-14 bus system and analytical observations are presented.