Impact of Land use and Land Cover Change on Ecosystem Services-A Case Study of Nilawande Dam Catchment, Ahmednagar, India


  • Shyambhau G. Ban
  • S. S. Shahapure
  • Priyanka S Patil


Land use refers to human activities carried on land whereas land cover deals with natural vegetation, water bodies, soil, artificial cover and other resulting due to land transformation. The study examines long-term land use/land cover change at a finer scale in a semi-arid region of India. Land use is associated with specific use of land and land cover relates to the type of feature present on surface of the earth. Land use and Land cover responsible for several social, economic and environmental impacts. The present research will consider Land is an intrinsic part of the ecosystem. The measure changes in the ecosystem needed to be studied for the deterministic or probabilistic or reliability of land resource. This requires analysing the impact of land use and landing cover for various purposes.