Iaas level Internet of Things based Aquaculture Data Monitoring System with Network Topology Analysis


  • Yadavalli Pavan Kumar
  • S. Sivaperumal


In this paper we have design an internet of things system for pure water aquaculture applications. Initially the IoT system routing topology is analyzed using network simulator to improve the quality of service by extracting the performance indices parameters. Eventually the IoT system is implemented practically using sensor nodes, internet gateways and application interfaces.  Overall the system can monitor the parameters like temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen, light and nitrite which are primarily required in aquaculture application. The present aquaculture industry demands these type of water quality monitoring system, which helps the farmers to take smart decisions to increase the yield. The application of the aquaculture system is developed using infrastructure as a service cloud computing. The network topology routing analysis is done on number of nodes required over 5km x 5km area for high quality of service.