To Study the Understanding of Guests at Airport - A Case Study of Jaisalmer Airport, Rajasthan


  • Vincy Rana


The study was conducted to study the experience of passenger using Jaislamer Airport, Rajasthanfor travelling with in India and going abroad. JSA offer various type of services to its passengers to fulfill their demands and needs as required at the airport such as food and beverages, ground staff, connectivity, behavior of staff etc. at different points within the airport. As the number of flights are increasing at JSAwhich directly effect on the level of services required by the passengers at airport. More flight, more passengers, more demands, more services, more opportunities for passengers. All types of requirements should be fulfilling to cater all the passengers present at time. Requirement ranging from issuance of ticket, boarding pass, luggage handling, check in, security, till boarding of aircraft. Delay in any service at airport will directly affect the experience of passenger. Study will help in knowing the experience level of passengers and it also helps us in increasing the good experience of passenger. We try to focus on the all the major service point at airport because at every point experience of passenger is different and adds counts in the experience. In the paper we try to highlight all the passenger areas where passengers experience the services.