Student Perception towards Educational Institution


  • NVJ Rao
  • Manabhanjan Sahu
  • Debasis Mohapatro
  • Jitendra Kumar Sahu


The researchers in this work used a tool to analyze the students’ perception (financial &non financial) while selecting a specific educational institution for the purpose of a higher professional education. In specific the researchers have used Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to explore the Principal components out of a set of variables used in the analysis. This is to define the specific variables and their order of preferences in a selection process. To analyze the same we collected empirical data from 140 students from 12 different colleges from three districts, namely Rayagada, Gajapati and Ganjam form the state of Odisha, India. Out of these, only 120 are the valid responses which finally we analyzed.  A pre and post test is conducted to define the final questionnaire. The collection of data from the sampel is purely on random basis.  The survey was conducted in the month of September, 2019.  The proposed model is used to find the principal components and the valid variables which impacts the decision making process of a student.  The major finding are that , out of nine variables only six variables are found relevant while selecting an educational institution, these are in order of their importance are; placement, reference, quality teaching, brand image of institution, some other personal  factors and finally a University. While the unimportant variables are; fee structure, free seat and distance from home.