Torsional Behavior of Multistorey Buildings with Different Structural Irregularities


  • V. V. Gupta
  • P. S. Pajgade


Currently we can see most of the buildings are asymmetric in map or in altitude dependent upon allocation of accumulation and rigidity along each storey all the way through the tallness of the structure. current earthquakes have revealed the unbalanced allocation of mass, solidity and strengths might reason serious damage in structural systems. break information on current earthquakes indicate to facilitate torsion moments often reason important break to structure, at time most important to their fall down. Torsional performance of multistory asymmetric structure can be the mainly common causes of structural harm and breakdown throughout strong earth movements. A study is going on the influence of the torsion belongings on the performance of structure is done by Response spectrum analysis (Dynamic Analysis).Different types of irregular buildings are analyzed with and without considering torsional provisions in the code, for analysis ETAB Software is used. A three dimensional examination by ETAB is clever to compute the middle of rigidity and center of mass, by getting these values and calculating designed eccentricity as per code provisions   the analysis is performed. It is observed from results that percentage of reinforcement in building elements is increased while considering torsion in the building. From the cost comparison of different buildings it is observed that, for multi-storey buildings it is effective and economical to provide shear wall structure symmetrically in the building.